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How to order made to measure breeks and plus fours

March 30, 2020

There is nothing worse than your breeks popping over your knee when you bend down or coming loose at their fastening. Little things like the fit of your shoot pants can make the difference between a great day out shooting ,or a constant irritation. Lets face it, we are all different sizes and whilst off the peg will fit the average Jo, there will be a large percentage either side who will never be quite happy with the fit of their tweed plus fours. It would be like selling cars with no seat adjustment! 

The important measurements are the length the waist and the circumference round your leg where the breeks are fastened, which is usually under the knee. In our made to measure section  you will find easy instructions on how to order the perfect fitting pair of shooting pants.

Ratcatcher tweed keepers suit

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